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    1. DC/DC Converter
    2. DC/DC Converter Conversion efficiency up to 99% Bidirectional energy flow Integrated design with charge and discharge Supports multiple communication interfaces including Ethernet/WIFI/GPRS/CAN
    1. RK-BP Series AC Coupler
    2. RK-BP Series AC Coupler Compatible with lithium battery and lead-acid battery Wireless communication Flexible control for monitoring system through APP No fan design
    1. Rack Mount PC BR6216 Series
    2. Rack Mount PC BR6216 Series The BR6216 is a frame embedded computer based on an industrial Cortex-A8 processor with a 600MHz main frequency RISC architecture. It supports two 10/100 adaptive industrial Ethernet interfaces, eight serial communication interfaces (2 RS232/6 RS485), customizable WIFI/4G, 8 DI and 4 DO, large capacity SD memory card interfaces, and a built-in RTC and buzzer.

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