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Off-Grid Energy Storage Solution

Electricity in remote areas or on islands located long distances from transmission and distribution infrastructure often uses PV energy storage systems and microgrids. Different circuit topology structures are used according to different power and application requirements.

Medium-power off-grid energy storage solution
Medium-power off-grid energy storage solution

There are numerous regions around the world with no electricity supply. With a decrease of electricity generation costs in PV power, a PV/diesel hybrid energy storage system is an excellent power supply solution in those regions.

  • High integration and easy operations.
  • Widely used in remote areas with no electricity supply.
  • An energy management system (EMS) ensures the power supply stability and security, utilizes more new energy power and less utility grid or diesel generation power to improve economic benefits.
Residential off-grid energy storage solution
Residential off-grid energy storage solution

The use of a photovoltaic off-grid system solves electricity supply problems in remote areas.

  • Solutions to power supply problems in remote areas or islands.
  • Portable energy device for residential electricity.
  • Power supply for field equipment
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