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Residential PV Energy Storage Solution

With the decline of subsidies in the PV industry, markets turn to energy storage fields, which in turns leads to an increase in popularity of PV energy storage systems in areas where electricity prices are rising. At Megarevo, we provide integrated residential PV energy storage solutions to meet a variety of energy storage needs.

Residential PV Energy Storage Solution
Family Household AC Coupling

The energy storage converter devices can be installed with pv power system together on the AC side.so that to save electrical charge.

Residential PV Energy Storage Solution
Commercial Energy Storage

ESS can be used for not only peak-valley arbitrage,but also reducing transformer capacity charge, saving user transformer expansion and saving costs for standby power supply.

Residential PV Energy Storage Solution
  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries
  • Compatible with high-voltage or low-voltage batteries
  • Adds an energy storage device to the original PV system
  • Residential smart energy management terminal
  • Power dispatching and demand side response management node
  • Distributed virtual power plant management node
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